Becky Winstel‚Äč

     I have been married for nearly 25 years and have 2 dogs that I am crazy about and 3 boys that are meh. As time goes on I begin to realize the dogs are more competent than the children. 

   I began my journey in to the Health Insurance industry in 2007 and was a Benefits Specialist in the Individual Health Insurance industry along with assisting in the administration of Medicare. In 2011 I joined The Benefits Firm team where I continued with the Individual Insurance and Medicare administration, but began to cross over in to the Group Health as an Account Manager at a time when Healthcare Reform began to change insurance as we knew it. In 2015, I obtained my license in Property & Casualty Insurance and am currently assisting in the everyday administrative processes in both sides of the business. I enjoy my many hats and sometimes I even wear one into the office!