I have taken role as the newest edition here at The Benefits Firm. I am also new to the insurance industry, but I am a quick learner and very eager to get into this field and help both people and their business!

Before this career, I worked in demolition and then joined the army reserves to serve my country, further myself as a person and my education.

Although I am excited to enter the insurance industry, I originally had dreams of becoming a professional wrestler alongside HULK HOGAN. Unfortunately, those dreams were crushed after finding out there are open showers after wrestling practice.

My hobbies are anything to do with music, culinary, and fitness. I have had a recurring dream of riding on the back of Falcore above the clouds in slow motion while Michael Bolton plays in the background. I plan to make that a reality so I’m constantly visiting book stores to find "The Neverending Story" and until then I’ll keep selling insurance!

Garrett Keithley