The Government Shutdown & how it affects the Affordable Care Act

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How the Government Shutdown Affects the Affordable Care Act


We have had many questions about how the government shutdown will affect The implementation of the insurance exchanges and other key components to this phase of the Affordable Care Act. We have attached a release reviewing the key components below.


How does the government shutdown impact the ACA?

The government shutdown has very little, if any, impact on the health care reform law, despite efforts to defund the law. Because funding for the ACA was passed by Congress in 2010, the health insurance Exchanges still opened for enrollment on Oct. 1, 2013, and won’t be affected by the government shutdown.


Although the Exchanges are operational despite the government shutdown, technical difficulties may still occur due to a high volume of traffic. When attempting to access Exchange websites on Oct. 1, consumers experienced wait times, glitches and error messages indicating heavy Internet traffic.


IT contractors are currently working to fix the issues. However, the shutdown affects non-essential government workers, which may include some of the IT staff.


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