Paige Kornrumpf

Hey there! My names Paige and I am the one who happily sits on hold for 3 hours for you. I am an account manager here and have been getting on the agents' nerves for about a year. I came in knowing just enough to get by, but now I can tell you everything you need to know! If I don't have the answer, I will get it. I’m the bees knees and sweet as honey! Don’t let the agents fool you, they play horrible music, sing off key, and sell insurance but I am the one who gladly handles all your issues.

I am the mother to two perfect (read:insane) children and only think about running away to a beach once a week. My husband is a super sweet and amazing (read:OCD) serviceman. Hes only a couple inches taller then me so in my free time, other than chasing around my kids, I like to wrestle with him. I swear I always win, and it’s not cause he lets me.

 All in all, I do everything. I answer questions, I fold laundry, and I can bake!