“The size of your success is measured by the strength of your desire; the size of your dream; and how you handle disappointment along the way.” ~Robert Kiyosaki

 My name is Ghalia, I go by Gigi, but people always call me Judy. I am originally from Milwaukee, Wisconsin (Go Pack Go!) but I have lived on pretty much every coast of the United States. My biggest motivation in this life is most definitely my family. They constantly push me towards establishing an empire for myself and my future while being supportive of all my ambitions. I have always had a drive for business and have had many retail and management positions in the past. I am currently majoring in Healthcare Administration at an online university while working at The Benefits Firm as a Benefits Advisor. For the few months that I have been with The Benefits Firm I have been profoundly impressed with how we have been able to help people save money and reduce the stress of excess spending when it comes to their health insurance.

I aspire to inspire everyone to realize their full potential when it comes to success and want everyone to prosper together in every form. I have a passion for helping others and ensuring a smooth sailing experience when it comes to addressing their concerns. Not only do I have a passion for the health industry but I am also a certified Makeup Artist. You know what they say, “when you look good - you feel good.” In my spare time I enjoy reading a good book, doing some retail therapy, or doing some sort of activity outdoors when the weather is suitable.

Ghalia Mhaid